CDFreaks Game-A-Thon



I propose a weekly game play we should all have. This would give much bragging rights to the members here.

I would even be willing to start it off.

Who will participate?


Depending on the game? What exactly do you mean?


we play a multiplayer game, several of the members here can play at once, we just have to decide on a time and day

someone will have to host

We can do this weekly or on some appointed basis


Cant do that. Thought it might be similar to some of the ones on here now where people post there score and etc. I really dont have much time on my hands as of late. Good idea though.


thats too bad because the game i have in mind lasts only 5-10min
but we can play as many rounds as we want


Great idea xtacydima. I’m not much use at shoot em ups though, but i’d be happy to take part for the fun of it.


no shooting dee



There’s nothing more satisfying than watching gizzards fly everywhere after a point-blank with your flak cannon … oh well, who’s for a game of cards? :slight_smile:


im in depending on the time though


Obviously I would love to as my machine now can but my silly stupid 56k modem can’t.


Depends on the time (CEST please) and the game of course. :slight_smile:

I’d be willing to play some Age Of Mythology on the pc or a couple of rounds of Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox Live network.


i can only play pc games


Warheads ( )

If any of you have played Scorched Earth or Tank Wars or other games of that genre, you’ll be familiar with the concept behind Warheads. It’s turn-based, can be played over the Internet, and the idea is that you want to blow the other players up. You’re sitting on a planet, and the other guys are sitting on other planets, and you must adjust the angle and initial velocity of your cannon so that your shot will hit the other person. You take a shot, the other guy takes a shot, you adjust your angle/velocity based on where the previous shot went and shoot again, the other guy does the same, etc. until someone gets killed.

Best game ever. Well, if you don’t count Minesweeper and Stars!. :wink:

Doesn’t require much in the way of system resources or bandwidth (ahem, Womble).


count me in X …everyone always needs a loser…and hey i’m good at that :slight_smile:


I am in. When I have time, I will be at your disposal.


Same here, and I really need a new video card too. :iagree:


even a 56k modem will cut this one guys…

It will challenge all depths of response and reaction time, it’s highly addicitive, and we can only have I believe 8 play at a time, we can team up, or play each for their own.

I believe this game is for PC users only, no MAC’s, and I wanted to start this off with something simple, just to see if we can get a gang together, and we can slowly move onto other games afterwards.

Lets all set a time and date… shall we???


I’m down for it! :iagree:


I’m in, if I’m awake :wink:


Better than Scorched 3D ?