CDFreaks' First Look: eBlue Ultra Extention CD-R 100 Minutes

TCNISO Inc. was kind enough to send some of the eBlue 100 Minute CDR media, manufactured by eBlue (Japan) and rated at 48X for testing.

We tested this media for over-burn capabilities on the BenQ DW1650 and the Plextor PX-760A. We have also included burn information for the media burned on the LG GSA H42N, Pioneer DWR-212D, and the Sony DRU-830A.

Let’s take a look at the media itself:

Here is the media ATIP information, 1st with CD-Speed then with Kprobe2:

Now let’s test the media for overburning with our BenQ 1650 and Plextor 760 burners.

We first ran an over-burn test with Nero CD-Speed to determine the OB capabilities for this media; here is a capture of the report form CD-speed:

Nero CD-DVD Speed reported that it has a maximum capacity of 99:54 minutes. Next we will attempt to Overburn the media with capacity 99 minutes.

BenQ DW1650:

Overburning at 16X took 7:42 minutes with overburned capacity of 99 minutes:

Below is our “Advance Quality” scan performed with CD-speed:

For comparison we have also included a quality scan done with our LiteOn CDRW SOHR-5239V:

Plextor PX-760A:

Overburning at 16X took 7:59 minutes with overburned capacity of 99 minutes.

Here is our “Advance Quality” Scan performed on our BenQ:

Again for comparison we did a Quality Scan with our LiteOn, here is the results:

We also burned these discs without overburning on several drives, here are those results:

Pioneer DWR-212D:

The DWR212D burned this media at 24X in 4:17 minutes:

Here are the results of our Quality Scans as done with Nero CD-Speed and Kprobe with our LiteOn CDRW:


The LG burned the media at 16X in 5:47 minutes:

The Quality Scans for the media burned on the LG H42N can be seen here:

Sony DRU-830A:

The DRU-830A burned the eBlue media at 16X in 5:41 minutes.

Below are the Quality Scans, once again performed on our BenQ and LiteOn Drives:


We tested the overburning capability on two drives that are capable of overburning CD/DVD media, ie Plextor and BenQ drives. The disc has a maximum capacity of 99:54:12 (nearly 100 minutes). The overburning quality scans are OK.

On normal capacity burns (700MB), Nero CD-speed reports these discs as “Class 2” media and Kprobe reports low C1 average (some are less than 2.0) meaning that the burn quality is good to very good. In all cases there are no C2 errors.

One small question:
How much data can be stored on them in the practice?

Well it looks like the Pioneer wins the quality test, low jitter and errors, but can’t burn more than 80 minutes lol.

The BenQ produces some good results though and can overburn to 99 minutes. The plextors jitter average is ridiculously high though. 18%…

The Pio did burn it at 32x and not at 24x.
But I doubt that these CD-R are actually made in Japan. I expect them to be as Ritek as the other 99 minute CD-Rs are as well.
(Only Ritek and SKC/Mediastar Hong Kong make 99 minute CD-R, IIRC.)

Thanks for the review! :slight_smile:

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Hi :slight_smile:
These are in fact Ritek discs in all but name. :eek:
While Ritek CDR’s are not as bad as the DVD’s, do we really want more of the same? :doh:

The BenQ OB disc contains 869MB of data.

I second that (and thanks for stickying the thread, Drage :cool: ). :iagree:

I suppose, the Lead-in information about the used dye type is incorrect. I mean, this 96m50s0[B]0f[/B] doesn’t really mean that they are cyanine, as they are (I’m sure) phthalo, right?
Does this have any troubles for burners or nowadays this strategy value in ATIP hasn’t any sense at all, as the burners perform power calibration on every type of disc and theirselves choose the strategy? I see the scans, but still curious as I don’t know this for sure.

Great review Kipper, thanks alot, I really love these reviews. “Knowledge is Power” Again this is a very comprehensive review, one of the best I have seen.:clap:

Interesting tests and results, thanks for publishing this.

There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not these CD-R’s are Made In Japan or are Made by Ritek (Taiwan). Can you please clarify? Does the product package actually state MADE IN JAPAN ?

Where are these discs available for purchase in the US? Do any brick and mortar stores carry them or are they available online only?

Actually the company e-Blue has their website registered under a Japanese domain but only has Chinese and English websites :eek:

Also, their contact page says:
“Pilot Electronic (Hong Kong) Limited
Address: Unit 3-7, 15/F., Favor Industrial Centre, 2-6 Kin Hong Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong.”

I don’t really expect this product to be Japanese, and I really wonder why they use a .jp and not a .hk domain if they don’t even have Japanese-language websites. Extra coolness maybe?

My guess would be: Made in Taiwan by Ritek. Anything else would be a real surprise.

I have only found these online from TCNISO. The discs come packaged in individual paper sleeves in a group of 10 discs without any documentation,

I have my concerns as to whether these are manufactured in Japan myself; here is a quote from TCNISO from a recent email when I asked them for the particulars on this media:

"I got a couple loose media I can donate for such a project. Let me know your address and I would be glad to send you some.
Also, these media are some of the newer discs produced by eBlue (Japan). We got them directly from their factory and seem to work well with most burners. Notably Pioneer (also made in Japan) and LITE-ON. However, some users have reported burning problems using no-name bargain burners. "


Note: I have sent TCNISO an email with a link to this thread and hopefully they will take a look and provide more information.

Sorry for the confusion this is causing.

Could you post the hub and stamper codes? :flower:

Even with my trusty maginfier these old eyes can’t make them out; the wife isn’t much help with this either. When TCNISO replies I can ask them for the information if you want. Sorry, getting old sucks.

Over here in Singapore, e-blue is known for its DVD media discs with fake TY media codes. The company seems to have gone through a lot of trouble to convince people that it is a Japanese company. However, there are signs that all is not what it seems to be :

[li]The website is registered to a Hong Kong company (as you have already discovered)
[/li][li]The website URL has a .jp suffix instead of the usual most Japanese websites use
[/li][li]The website is in Chinese despite having a Japanese URL, rather odd since most Japanese people can’t speak Chinese
We’ve known about these DVD discs for about 1-2years. Have not come across their CDs until now.

Wow, interesting info, karangguni :eek:


It is a Hong Kong company’s marketing gimmick.
Search Yahoo Japan and found that the 100 min CD-R they sold there a couple of years back was made by Fornet with an ATIP: 97m26s07f.

But as JIG66666 has pointed out, the present disc info is a bit puzzling. Don’t think Ritek in Taiwan still make any 100 min CD-R. Another guess of COO will be China.

Hi, I am a representative from TCNISO.

eBlue has an office in Japan and Hong Kong (TST). eBlue claims these discs are made in Japan, but I believe they are contracted out to a Chinese company for the actual manufacturing. Might be considered a shady business strategy, but at the same time, it is hard to find ‘good quality’ 99/100 MIN CDRs, especially in the USA.

This is a good review of the discs, but one of the main uses for these discs is to pack additional audio data for car CD players. I for one would be intrested to know the brands/models of players that can play them back. I have heard that some of the US made car players have problems playing back anything over 90+ minutes.

Hi [B]DieEngel[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile: