CDFreaks' "first look" at the Pioneer DVR-110D with 8x DL writing



According to what I’ve seen so far…

LMAO @ Pioneer.

Slower than the competition (NEC, BenQ) except for -R DL…
Very poor media compatibility compared to the competition…
Good writing quality, but that’s equally good with the competition too…

This is a completely new drive, so I hoped Pioneer got it right this time - but it doesn’t look like that. Looks like an 109 with 8x DL writing to me.


Bah. It’s all about the BenQ 1640. :slight_smile:




DVD+RW at 8x – accomplished with Ricoh media:


Back to the facts: this scan looks nice.


I’m a newbie on these boards but isn’t there a BenQ sub forum? Bye the bye, is it pronounced Ben-Que, or Benk.


Ricoh DVD+R 16x at 12x:


Thanks for the scan, Jan!


Wow, great again. Looks like the Pioneer is a big competitor to teh Benq 1640 when it comes to writing-quality :slight_smile:


Yep, if pioneer could just match the DVD-Media compatibility and reading speed of the BenQ. And add bitsetting of course it would be great :slight_smile:


Well, as Pioneer only has spent time on fixing 16x write strategies for discs from 5 Japanese companies (Maxell, MKM, Sony, TDK and TY) it would be a shame if it couldn’t handle these good. If manufacturers like Pioneer would fix as good media support as BenQ we would probably not have a market flooded of media with fake codes as we now have…


eh, what is that supposed to mean? Implying what really?!?


So Pioneer fake the good media and make sure that that media burned well in a Pio because it´s not burn at certified speed?

I like Pioneer-drives because the writing-quality is top with good media and cheaper media mostly burn well, too, maybe at lower speeds than certified, but the final result is the important, IMHO


i just bought the pioneer 110d and found out that datawrite yellow 16x DVD+R. only goes up to 4X, and don’t always burn well, usually goes wrong at writing lead out. And for datawrite titanium DVD+R 16x. only goes up to 8x max, also don’t burn well.

So instead i use the old 106 for them, and wait for firmware or diff dvd for the 110d


What a load of bull! Blaming Pioneer for all the cheap/poorly made media out there.


eh, what is that supposed to mean? Implying what really?!?
I had to read his sentence 3 times just to get what it might be supposed to mean…


It means:

If pioneer(and others) were as good as implementing rare media codes to firmwares as BenQ there would be less fake media.

Then they could use their own code with no worries about not being supported at certified speed… Now they are all faking codes to make sure their media work at correct speed (8x or 16x).

And yes I agree with jsl - just look at Jan70’s unsupported media list - known brands like ritek is in there too… That is very weak and puts the Pioneer drives far behind BenQ and almost every other drive too.


Nope, they fake codes to make their discs be coastered at higher speeds! Everyone knows that YUDEN000-T02-00 is written at 12x and 16x by a lot of drives, and someone picking this very code is using it to

  • make badly informed people think it were taiyo yuden, thus to sell more discs
  • make sure their 8x labeled low quality discs are written at 12x/16x, which would never happen if they used their own codes.


Calm down, jsl is suggesting that if the drive companies provided better media support for all types of discs (not just Japanese media only), then the lower tier and smaller disc manufacturers would not need to “borrow” MID codes in order for their discs to burn at the proper speed on Pioneer and other drives.

Jan, thanks for all your work on this preview.


In some cases, yes.

But often they do it just to get better support.