CDFreaks' "first look" at the Pioneer DVR-110D with 8x DL writing



The retail version of the 109 didn’t have riplock either and could do up to 12x. Also, the OEM 109 can be flashed with retail firmware to remove the riplock and also get the quitedrive facility.


The review stated they got the drive in Germany before the official launch.

I’d like to hear from someone who has purchased the drive in the US.


I have the drive there is No riplock purchased it in canada :wink:

Dual Layer disc

Think My disc was a lil dirty but single layer


Thanks morisato. I expected the same results as the review, but its nice to be sure.


Mmmh… I read comments writing “110” as well as “110D” (which is the subject of this thread, I got this part ;)), but weren’t the 110 and the 110D supposed to be two totally different drives actually?? :confused:

EDIT: OK forget it, looks like my sources were misguiding… :bigsmile:


Not sure if I am supposed to be posting my own DVR-110D scans, but I figured I would give it a go. Just let me know if this is a no-no in this thread.

TDK Printable DVD-R 8x, burned at 8x - not very impressive, but it’s OK considering it’s the first firmware:


Here’s another one with a MXL RG03 burned at 8x - the 110D allows upto 12x w/this media.
These discs seem to consistently produce 95% QS, regardless of the burner (Lite-On, DW1640 or DVR-109/110D).


Does anybody know if there is an aluminium version aka XL planned ?


FujiFilm 8x YudenT02 burned at 8x - not very impressed, but it could just be the media since Fuji TY’s aren’t exactly the best.


You mean the honeycomb design or just a different colour?
Have only seen announcements for the 110 (and A10) as beige and black models so far.


I would say it´s ok, the entire PIF are not high


can I burn DVD-R disc at 1X with this writer?

Is compatible with decrypter and record now with pxengine?


DVD-R media that is certified at 1x to 4x, will allow 1x writing, and media certified at 8x or 16x, will allow an min. writing speed of 4x.


Decrypter: yes (tested). RecordNow, no idea, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.


Hello, I’m new member. I’d like to know if is it true that the TDK DVD aren’t supported by PIONEER 110D? Or is only a fake?
Thank you.


Hello, I’m new member. I’d like to know if is it true that the TDK DVD aren’t supported by PIONEER 110D? Or is only a fake?
Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why the double-post???

“TDK DVD” isn’t TDK DVD. They come with different rated speeds and versions…


Hi there.

I recently purchased a 100 spindle of Vertex 8x DVD-R media.


Anyone know what these are and if they are any good? Some test results would be good if any :slight_smile:

I have used them without fail but i just don’t know what the quality is like.


The mediacode is a “good one” but they also can be fakes.

I only found their 4x rated media but looks good:


Thanks for that chef :slight_smile:

Looks good.