CDFreaks "First look" at the NEC ND-4550A DVD Burner

We took a first look at the latest drive from NEC the ND-4550A
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I had a hard time to find 5x DVD-RAM media for my LG 4120B as well :stuck_out_tongue:

They sell such discs for example here and here

Besides that, looks like NEC made another drive Plextor should hide behind

Except that Plextor shouldn’t be hiding behind anyone at all. If they want to continue selling drives at twice the price of competing drives, they had better get their act together and start making the best drives money can buy - as they did in the CD-R/RW era.

My NEC 3500 can write Verbatim 16x -R media (MCC 03RG20) better than this, i.e. no PIF spikes above 4, but other than that this drive looks awesome!

Looking forward to see how well this drive performs at PIE/PIF scanning which seems unconvincing so far on the NEC 3520/3540 drives.

Here are some scans done on the ND-4550A. The disc is a MCC003 burned at 8X burned on the ND-4550A

scan interval is 1ECC

pic 1 5x scan speed
pic 2 8x scan speed
pic 3 12x scan speed

My drive is not a good scanner, it reports high PIE errors.

When review of this nec launch ?

Does anyone have any information regarding the NEC ND-4550A DVD’s availability in the US? Seems to be Europe only at the moment.

Reporting high PIE errors does not make a bad scanner, nor does reporting low PIE make a good scanner. This is the sort of thinking behind the various “My PI levels are better than your PI levels” competitions prevalent in these forums. :frowning:

A good scanner gives repeatable results, and shows PIE/PIF levels of a meaningful size when compared to professional scanners.

That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. :cop:

I would like to see some BenQ scans of discs written with this drive. Especially discs written at 12x…

Thanks Dee for the preview :flower:

Scan 1
MCC003 burned at 8x on the ND-4550A and scanned on BenQ 1620

Scan 2
RICOH JPNR02 Burned at 12X on the ND-4550A and scanned on the BenQ 1620

Scan 3
Same RICOH JPNR02 disc as above, this time scanned on the Lite-On

Scan 4
Same RICOH JPNR02 disc as above, Transfer Rate Test on the ND-4550A

Looks to be a very nice drive even with the initial firmware!

Thanks for the preview Dee.:slight_smile:

I thought this drive had some time of label burning capability or is that another model?

That’s the 4551 model. Just like the 3551 (no DVD-RAM) or the 7551 (slimline).
This feature is called Labelflash.

Will NEC never eliminate these PIF-spikes ?

If your meaning in the K-Probe scan, this is a bug in the MediaTek chipset in the Lite-on drive.

I can’t believe NEC still does not support bittsetting is there stock firmwares.

At least this means that I will always have something to patch on these firmwares :wink:
Unfortunately flashing modified 4550 firmwares is not possible at the moment but I’m sure it will be sometimes!
I need to investigate some parts of NEC’s firmware. Maybe I’m able to get the information that I need in a different way.

But why this don´t happen to media burned with a Benq 1640?