CDFreaks' "first look" at the LG GSA-4165B



You can find it here:

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Thanks for the articel. Monday would i buy a LG 4163B. The LG4163B wasn’t in the shop and i buyed a LG 4165B in black. At home i search the LG-Site and found no information about the 4165B. But now the article. Thanks again.

The results of the burnning discs a very good. The Verbatim DVD+R DL 2,4x burned by me not 4x.


Nice “first look” jan70. :clap:



Nice preview, Jan70 :slight_smile:

The writing-quality looks better than I expected, very good drive for the meida you tested.

Will you bring a complete review? I don´t know how long the 4165 is avaible, because the 4167 is avaible and soon the 4168 will be avaible (If I can trust the shops)


It is also possible to overclock the LG GSA-4165B to LG GSA-4167B (or it’s OEM’s like IOdata) with an firmware hack.


A full review of the LG GSA-4165B is at the moment not planned. Sorry.


If you review the 4167/4168 it this ok :slight_smile:


I just bought one of these. I find these new short chassis drives that LG is putting
out just cheap. Cheap in construction, and lack of forsight and thought. For example,
the tray does not open far out enough. Every time I put a disk in, I end up hitting the
upper lip on the opening with the disk. Also, when a disk is being ejected it would scrape
the bottom of the cover (maybe the “bell” or dome thing on the drive cover). And when
the tray closes, it sounds cheap like a clackety sound compare to the soft thud on my
4120. The bezel plastic is also thinner and has a rougher, uglier texture to it compare
with the old ones LG made in Korea. And cheap PCB they use for the front. Looks like
60’s era circuit board type material.

I would like the tray to open out some 5mm more, and they should fix the disk scraping
with the drive cover.

The detection of disk type and seek access is also a little slower, but quieter than my
4120. Less chirping sounds with the head moving. Vibration and spinning noise is about
the same but OK.


Sorry to hear about your findings, but I can not say that I have the problem you are describing. The tray on my drive opens wide enough to place the disc in the tray without touching the other parts.

Also the strange noises that you described are not present on my drive. It will open and close smooth.


I can see what Steve_C means with the door not opening far enough to lift the CD out verticly.
This also happens on mine, the drive is so short that the arm that pushes the tray out may not be long enough seeing the drive is nearly square (as long as it is wide)
I can’t lift the CD out verticly, the CD has to be taken out/in on an angle.
This is not a hassle for me, but might be for some.

I don’t have any scraping or clunking sounds when the tray opens/closes.
Avery quiet drive all round, can only just heat the Nero Seek test.


Would it be possible to see some 16x transfer rate tests?


I’ve done some quick test here :
Keep in mind my 4165B is in an external box.


Hi Jan,

I see your tray comes out far enough. But did you pull the tray out further by hand after
the motor stopped? This is what I meant. The motor does not pull the tray out far enough
without intervention. I know this is just a minor detail, but still an annoyance.

The door closing “feel” I said is only relative to what I experienced with my previous LG
GSA-4120. The 4120 feels more smooth in this regard and does not have this “clack”
sound as the door is closed. I agree with you the tray slides around smoothly.

The disk scraping the “bell” of the cover happens when the disk is pushed upwards by
the accelerating tray as it slides out. It does not always happen. I guess it depends on
how fast the tray is accelerated outward. I never had this sound problem with the 4120. Again, it’s not bothering me too much. I drive a cheap car anyways, what gives?


Wouldn’t be an ‘overclock’ if you are using lots of RicohR03 media though. :smiley:

GSA-4163 vs 4167 vs 4165 RicohR03 burn speeds,

btw Jan70, is it possible to share how to crossflash LGs here, if not by email/PM? Thanks. hopeful


?Why this one can use the “disk utility” tool…¿



You can’t make quality test in CD Speed with a LG - only transfer rate. For CD Speed quality test you’ll need LiteOn, NEC or Benq afaik and LiteOn only for Kprobe :slight_smile:


This is a big disadvantage for LG drives.


Yeah, how could I burn over 5 years CD-R without quality-test :wink:

I have 2 DVD-writers I can use for quality-test, so there´s no problem for me buying a LG :slight_smile:


i am from brazil and buy a gsa-4165b, i´m looking for informations in lg site and just find in this link,

if you find oher link in lg site, put her in this forum

sorry my english


I has searched too.
Here my results:

I Found LG GSA-4165B in Sweden and in Poland:

LG Sweden

LG Poland

But the pictures are not correct! :disagree: