CDFreaks' "first look" at the BenQ DW1640 with 8x DL writing

You can find it here:

Feel free to comment the “1st look” in this thread.

So far on first impressions it looks like a good writer, I will wait for the full review before getting one to replace my 1620 though and Lightscribe would have been a nice feature even if it was a separate model e.g. 1645

[By the way ever so slight typo on page 4 it says the score for the Verbatim DVD+R DL burned at 8x is 95 but in the screenshot it says 93]

looks good so far if the available retail product performs likewise thre is a 1640 in my future. frankly most of the “Cons” listed arent cons to me at all. I could care less about mt.Rainer ( windows doesnt even support it.) gave up on CDRW’s a long time ago and neverbothered with DVDRW. and I would be plenty ticked if they only offered the new benQ’s with that moronic lightscribe crap.

just curious but is the full review going to try and gauge the effectiveness of the new “cooling” features?

Strange that it doesn’t support DL -R writing…

Yes, DL -R would be nice. Does anyone know if it will be supported in a future firmware release? Also, is there an estimate for availability in the U.S. for this drive?

Thanks for the review, I noticed one typo - you have the average writing speed of 7.70x for both DVD+RW 8x and DVD-RW 6x.

Three questions:
Does BENQ support DVD-R9 on other drives?
What do people think about switching to SATA with optical drives, when will PATA disappear?
How do you pronounce BENQ? Ben-Queue?

SATA optical drives I think will finally start to appear in greater numbers at the end of this year (at least thats when BenQ seems to be launching its SATA drives), however PATA drives will still be around for a long time yet.

BenQ is pronounced Ben-Que, like say a pool “que” I think.

BenQ might support DVD-R DL its a wait and see as they are pretty much in the + camp and DVD-R DL so far looks to have some serious compatibility problems so it may not be worth it in the long run.

Hmm, what I dont understand is - why does the “green” zone in PIF graph is up to 16 here? Is it allways like that for BenQ drives? Cause for my LiteOn it’s up to 4…

Because BenQ scans at 8 ECC.

well LiteOn can scan at 8, or at 1, or at 4, so why not let us choose :frowning:

where is this drive available?

Cool preview. I want one. :slight_smile:

It is mentioned in the introduction, the drive was bought in Germany. :iagree:

Me too.

Hmm i think i dont buy one in the near future.
Sure ethe drive is good at the first look.
But i just bought a 1620 and in my opinion its not reasonable to buy it for a little more speed advantage. g
Where can i buy 8x DVD+R DL ?
Or even 4x DVD+R DL ? XD

You wont need to buy 4x or 8x DVD+R DL it burns Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL at 8x :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Clany was talking of his/her 1620 pro, that can burn dual layer up to 4x. Correct me please, if i’m wrong.

I was going to buy a 1620 pro last week too, but then i didn’t… hearing about 1640 coming out soon.
I hope to don’t regrete the choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Well good news this review…
I am off to read it now :slight_smile:

Wow lot of good hardware news this week man, first of all the intro of the dual core CPUs of Intel and “master of puppets” AMD :wink:
Now this…

But I will not buy it in the new future I think, cos I only got my DW1620 in February, so I will wait a bit more now…
MayB I’ll ask it for my graduation hehhe :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I am impressed what this drive can do, after reading the review (short but effective information) !!!

I feel ashamed now that I bought the DW1620 last Feb :o
If only I would have waited just a bit longer…

OK hehhe enough crap, mayB I will get me this drive in a couple of months from now…
But make no mistake about it, I will follow the reviews of this drive with close attention !!! As well as the reactions here on this always insightful forum :slight_smile:

Will this be available in black you think?