CDFreaks fans: Anyone got screenshots before Sept 2007?

Over the years as new styles were applied, the forum images were unfortunately overwritten with the images in each new style. This means that the CDFreaks V1.0 style is actually showing the icons from the current Myce 2.0 style.

For example, this is how a post looked like in 2005:

If you’re viewing the CDFreaks v1.0 style at present, you’ll see that the post buttons don’t match this screenshot. :doh:

While I managed to obtain most of the button icons, I’m missing most of the status icons, particularly in the forum indexes. There are actually 18 thread status icons, covering things like hot threads you posted in, closed hot threads with/without new posts, old/new moved threads, etc. I only have a small handful, such as these:

Another problem is that new functionality was added in vBulletin updates, so some elements have extra gaps due to extra features, catbox, etc. that the CDFreaks style didn’t take into account. So I am also updating the style to fit these elements in, create new icons for added buttons, etc.

So if anyone has any screenshots or saved webpages (including the _files folder) from the forum before September 2007 (before CDFreaks 2.0), I would really appreciate if you can send me them by PM or e-mail (sean at :bow:

As saved webpages generally store their images individually, a simple way to search for CDFreaks v1.0 images is to try searching for these file names and seeing if any results return the following images:

[li] navbits_finallink.gif - Appears on just about every page
[/li][li] forum_new.gif - Appears on forum home page
[/li][li] thread_lock.gif - Appears in forum index listings
[/li][li] user_offline.gif - Appears on user profile pages, posts, forum leader pages, etc., assuming user was offline
[/li][li] quickreply.gif - Appears in just about all threads

If you get these exact icons in a search, then you’ve likely found a saved page from the original CDFreaks style. In this case, send me this folder of icons along with the matching webpage file (if also present).

I am now in the process of restoring the CDFreaks v1.0 forum style to match what CDFreaks originally looked like before September 2007 as best as I can, so every screenshot helps. For example, I have no screenshots of the search page, Private Message listing, forum leaders page, user profiles, etc. For any screenshot containing private data, draw a solid square over the private content, as I’m just interested in the icons and how the page looks.

Some long time fans may even remember the style we had up to early 2004, but I’ll leave that to a later project as we don’t even have the style template let alone any screenshots. However, if you have any screenshots or saved forum pages pre 2004, please send me them in also.

Once this announcement ends (15th August) we will apply the updates to the live CDFreaks v1.0 style. At present our development copy looks almost identical to the few screenshots we managed to get hold of.

Of course we will keep the later introduced features such as the catbox, etc. in the CDFreaks v1.0 style. :slight_smile:

Great job so far Seán, it looks well! :clap:

Let’s hope someone can find even just a few more images.




I’ve added it, which should now be visible to forum moderators using the V1 style:

handy. thanks.