Cdfreaks currency?

ok often on cdfreaks people talk about the price of things, normaly in there own currency, but when posting i tend to use $ instead of £ as i am from the uk. i rarely hear euros mentioned, is there a “official” cdfreaks currency?

ben :slight_smile:

No there isn’t (other than that all bills are paid in EUR, as it is the currency in the Netherlands)

But it is always good to mention the currency when referring to money on this forum…due to the variety of countries that people originate from.

thanks, i think ill just stick with USD$, but then the problem is that the auzzies get confused with there $ :confused:

Simple solution: always tell the currency you are referring the price with. For Euros you say EUR, for United States Dollars you say USD and for Australian Dollars you say AUD. These are the official short forms.

For online shopping (through ebay :p) I use this versatile and daily updated currency converter:

Amd for Canadian dollars use CAD.

This statment does not make much sense to me if you are from uk why use dollers…

i generaly use USD as this is the “international” currency at the moment, allthough the majority of cdfreaks probibly use euros.

ben :slight_smile:

This statment does not make much sense to me if you are from uk why use dollers…

So many websites and forums are US-centric so it becomes a habit to translate into USD dollars for maximum compatibility. Which I disagree with, although as an itinerant Uk citizen living abroad I find that US$ is still an easier frame of reference for many other nationalities when trying to find a common denominator. As bcn_246 states, it is still often considered the universal currency.
I wish it was Euros…but!

Every time I mention an Australian Price I normally put for e.g $50 AU after it.


yeh, when people just say “$50” they normaly mean american dollers, and “99c” is 99 american cents, not euro cents.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. at the moment i think the US doller is about the same value as the euro, am i right?

hm, nearly…
atm it is 1 euro = 1,2284 us-dollars… (04.10.2004, 15:18 or 10/04/2004, 3:18 pm)

so only 20% off, not a great difference.
thanks Razor1982.


ps. raz can u go on msn messenger?