Web-Radio ? POLL ! VOTE NOW!



Well here the other day someone ( can`t remember who ) ask is need a Theme Song … After that I started to think about web-radios that pop up all around the web , and more and more sites started having POD-Casts of the end of the week summing up all the most impostant news etc. and interview with people in that weeks top newsarticle.

Well as this post says … Do we need a Web-radio ore a Pod-Cast at ?

Vote now and also tape a line telling us why we need it and ( Web-radio ore Pod-cast ! ) what should be played and what news that are most of a importance to you.

Happy Voteing !

NOTE ! : Im that have posted this poll is not a MOD. of the forum ore handel the decision on any part of the ... Im merly just a odinary Forumuser just like you so I cant say that this poll will result in a web-radio ore a pod-cast. ( Dont wana be sude therefore this EULA :rolleyes: :wink: )

DARN ! forgotten the poll :clap: … oh well just type down what would be at most importance to you.


Nope, I wouldn’t use it. :disagree:


i always have my Winamp going when i’m surfing online . Music is a big part of my internet experience…so yeah I’d give it a whirl…


Dialupper = sorry! NOPE. Not gonan be using it.


I can give you a poll if you just hold still while I insert this syringe…


If you reply to this you will die




KWEL where do i sign up…kill me softly …:wink:


Thank Doc. … Do I have X-ray eys now ? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was tempted to click the “I don’t know how to vote” Button but since norway having election day comming up soon and I have place my vote I know how things are done ( shouldt think so since did`t do it right with the poll thing )


Why not create a cdfreaks (or any information like the containd) Podcast
That way we can have the weeks or months news on our mp3 players for listing on the go.
Im shure many people would like this to happen (if you need help with creating one i run my own podcast creating service for anyone)

Thanks in advance,


it would be a the most easy way to start … Im in for the podcast idea ... web-radio is to big ... need pepz with big uploading rate etc. and many pepz to rund the whole thing if you thinking of running it 24/7 and it cost mony to if you dont use the shoutcast ver. of a web-radio thats using P2P tec. to cast the radio sig. and if 1 person loses connection all thats connected to him loses the signal so its not a stabel way of sending a webradio , but is free … I like the idea of better but it cost money … PodCast is easyer and as I see more ideal for and it would be great is we could get a interview with people in that weeks top newsarticle. interview with makers/dev,. behinde CloneCD, CloneDVD, Nero etc. maby RatDVD and many others.


Or you can interview Debro & get his take on noobs, bosses & management ,the french and other silly people.

“You stupid son of a silly person!”


Yeah that would be fun …


I love pages made up by broken images

And who added that fourth option