its time for Voting Zone!


#1 needs a voting Zone were people can Vote on several Issues. Imagine if beside Forum you have “Voting Zone” were members or could have votes on everything from what is the best online music service to what is the worst media audio codec. I think that this would stir-up does anyone remember how many hits this site received when you had the vote over Blue-ray vs. HD-DVD.

This is my favorite website and I am posting this, begging that you take this idea and roll with it. Its time to make this site not only the world’s largest CD/DVD community but also the world’s largest online voting Technology community. Users need to be able to put feedback under the Votes polls members could give reasons why they voted the way they did. would be the first website and in my opinion the only website with the talent and intelligent user base to pull off such a project and change Tech news websites forever. Please give some power to the people and start a voting democracy. :smiley:


I have sent messages to cdfreaks top brass I hope I get a reply :slight_smile:
Top Brass messaged

DoMiN8ToR “CD Freaks Management”
Mr. Belvedere “CD Freaks Guru”

I don’t know who else runs this site or if these members even run this site.


Please don’t crosspost.


Im sorry for cross posting, I wasn’t sure if a post like this belonged on the living room or this part for the forum.


Hi Zeroi786 and thank you for your suggestion. First of all, could you please elaborate on:

I have not seen any traffic increase when we had that poll.

Also, how would this differ from the polls that are currently available in the forums? In the forums there are already the appropiate amounts of visitors and relevant categories. Also the software is already there for both voting and reacting.


How do I use this software for voting? Were can it be found that I can setup my own voting poll? What I mean by “Voting Zone” is an entirely different Zone on ( that would be streamlined toward voting, such as a easy simple setup, categories for voting such as Audio Hardware, Encoding media, were people could go and try to see if a poll of such a vote that they are interested in seeing already exists. I don’t think that such a Zone tied in with the Forums would be appropriate because most people come to the forum for help not voting. People would go to the voting zone to vote.
Similar to what is on the main webpage that has ease of use like a bar graph or pie graph that cdfreak members could setup and have people vote with a click of there mouse and right below the poll explain there choice. It may have not stirred up traffic but I noticed it was a very active hot :a debate the HD-DVD vs. Blue-ray I think some feelings on either side may have been enlightened :smiley: and :sad: Hurt.


A poll can be created in each of the subforums, hence, per category. The option to start a poll is incorporated in this forum’s software. An example can be found here.

When you start a new thread, you will see an option “Post a poll”. Just check the box and fill in the necessary blanks. You can add a maximum of 20 options for people to vote on. You can allow multiple choices, or just 1. Results will be shown in graphic bars (horizontal), displaying the number of votes per option. If you make it a public poll, it can even show what people voted what option (should not only be available for mods/admins).

I agree with Domin8tor, we have this option available in this forum’s software, so I don’t see a need to start a new ‘zone’ for this.


Vbulletin, phpbb, etc. all have poll options in forum software, easy to create a poll and easier to participate.

BTW, “Guru” here isn’t part of CDFreaks staff, but just is one of the many custom member titles just like my own “VIP” title (meaning nothing technically.) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the all the information about polls everyone:)