is now more famous

We are mentioned in the april issue of Maximum PC for the lite-on forum …its under the review for the 32x liteon burner!


We are now more famous. Lets keep up the good work !!!

Could you please scan it for me?
You can either e-mail or paste a link here…

We also had tiny coverage in a Dutch PC magazine (though the topic was not something we are proud of)

Lite-on forum? Do we have a Lite-On forum? Where?

Can’t seem to find it…

Strange :wink:

Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]Lite-on forum? Do we have a Lite-On forum? Where?

Can’t seem to find it…

Strange :wink: [/B]

Deleted it, didn’t like the person moderating that part of this board :wink:

Just kidding of course…

But I would like to read the article (perhaps I should go shopping to get the magazine itself)

Wohoooo! :slight_smile:

Great :smiley: Please give us a link to the article or please scan it and mail it to Da_Taxman :smiley: Would really like to see it.


Well, what could you expect, being the Worlds Largest CD/DVD Community! :wink:

I havent seen the reprint show up on maximum pc website yet.
But it is mentioned in the April issue, I will put the page number up when I get to work this morning.

It is on paqe 69, I sent a email to John Philips, who is the editor of the magazine requesting that Maximum put the liteon review on the website and could we also have permission to link to it on the freaks site. I am just waiting back for some type of reply.

I will try to scan it sometime soon and email it out.

I am going to try and scan it soon, becasue I havent heard anything from Imagine Media. And they sent me a form letter,
so hmm so I will send it out in email.