CDFreaks Clan? What Game? You Decide

There have been calls for a CDFreaks Clan, but what game would you like to compete in. Well now you have your chance. Vote and discuss. If there is a game you want to add then list it with a plea to Airhead. Maybe he can use his Modelatol powers to add it.

You only get one choice so choose your faviorite.

Things like Half-Life and Unreal T have mods so if it is a mod you want select that option and post the mod.

Check out the original thread here.

My choice was for FarCry. Why because of the stunning graphics, great gameplay and because I am quite good at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Counterstrike of course !

warcraft 3 is the best game of all time :slight_smile:

Battlefield 1942 :smiley:


Killing is so old fashioned.

BF1942 has four votes, yet only CD1986 have voted for it… Are there any secret users here that voted for BF1942?

Guests on the forum can vote in polls.

Surely it should be a members only poll…or is that not possible?

But thats more votes fot BF1942 at least so i’m not complaining! :cool:

Hot Shots Golf Fore! It’s what you play when bleach ain’t turning you white.

How about Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball ? :bigsmile:

No, that would be in bcn’s arena.

warhammer 40,000?

pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :wink:

Medal Of Honor is my favourite game,
please Model of Honor!!

I got a job interview there today at 6:30 today…I’m sure I will be gaming if we get a clan going :bigsmile:

I’ve decided, it will be World of Warcraft.

ppphhhhfffftttt. Where’s doom3? :stuck_out_tongue:

A 4-player clan might not be much to rejoyce for debro… :wink:

There will be a hack soon to increase the number of players. A 4 player lan/net game is pathetic at best, more so for a company which is so renowned for the best multiplayer experiences ever.

ATM for doom3, it’d have to be a 2 or maximum 3 player clan anyway, since you need at least 2 people to make a clan, and at least 1 enemy :stuck_out_tongue:

“Hell! I’m off to start my own clan! Alone!”

I’ll personally pay for a copy of Doom 3 (for myself to join this weird ritual of fragging) if you can gather 11 people to join clan CD Freaks.

Count me in for medal of honor, and recently added doom3.