CdFreaks: Authority on Copy Protection?

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Cd Audio Copy-Protection

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www.cdfreaks.corn? hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope they didn’t make that mistake in the article in te mag! :slight_smile:

Maybe they(music industry) are just getting nervous. I have every right to make a backup of my audio CD’s especially when a 12yr old gets his hands on them. I would rather he ruin a copy than the original. Keep up the good work, I just found your site and it kicks. TNX for helping the common man!!

oops…I OCR the article - .corn…oy, I can’t believe I didn’t catch that…

I feel the recording is wasting their time trying to beat consumers into submission. With the Billions of dollars they have wasted with encryption and protection technologies, they would have saved more money than what they lose to copyright infringement to begin with. Leave it to the huge conglomerates to worry about maximum linings to their pockets. It just makes me sick. It doesn’t make sence that the recording industry doesn’t follow typical economic rules. I used to work in the CD equipment manufacturing industry. It costs them about $0.001 to stamp a CD. I know they aren’t giving that much to the artists. So, where does all the money go? Most likely into the hands of the big fat-cats. I’m sure they need that new Leer-Jet or Jaguar. I really cry for them…

:frowning: I better have a right to copy my cd’s I spent 18 bucks on to buy. thats exactly why they dont want you to back them up because inevitably they are eventually gonna get scratched so then they do they want you to spend another 18 bucks to get a new one… F*** that…