CDF media acronyms/terms glossary?

Holy moly, I can’t decode all the acronyms and terms commonly thrown out when talking about blank media. Help me out here by verifying and explaining some of them I’ve seen:

Here’s what I can figure out on my own:
MIJ, MIT, MII: Made in Japan, Made in Taiwan, Made in India? What others are there? I think I read “MID” once, and can’t for the life of me figure out what is country “D”???
TY: Taiyo-Yuden, the blank manufacturer alot of CDF’ers prefer
Cakebox: The storage container that blank media comes in, reminds one of boxes that stores edible cake
PIE: Same as C1 error, read the sticky. Correctable without slowdown, less severe.
PIF: Same as C2 errors, read the sticky. Correctable by slowing down the read, shouldn’t be any on the disc

Below are the ones I have questions on:

What is CMC? As in “CMC MAG E01”


What is TRT and QS?

What is PAP6, PAPA?

And are these the media codes? if so is there a sticky that lists all of these in one thread?
MBIPG101 R04
MAP633JG25065865 3

MID = Media IDentifier = Media code = code which is stored on the disc and can be read with a drive.
Having PIF on DVDs is normal, unlike C2 on CDs.

MAP633JG25065865 3 is a code in the hub area of the disc which can be read visually. PAP6, PAPA are some alternative beginnings of the hub codes.
These hub codes are hub codes from discs made by the manufacturer CMC Magnetics (who make discs with their own CMC ID, but also work as OEM for other companies like Verbatim making discs with their media code and technology).
Char 1: P = Plus, M = Minus
Char 2: A = Azo, O = TDK Dye, D/E/F = other dyes
Char 3: D = 4x speed rating, H = 8x speed, P = 16x speed

Except for the MAP633JG25065865 3, all the codes in your list are MIDs or media codes.

RICOHJPN is the beginning of the media codes of the discs made with technology from Ricoh.

TRT = Transfer rate test (CD-DVD Speed benchmark)
QS = Quality Scan, or quality score (something with the CD-DVD Speed disc quality test)

Hope I was able to help you a bit. :slight_smile: