CDEX settings

Can you recommend me some good settings for CDEX , because i’m a little confused with all those options that it has :slight_smile:

Which is the best VBR setting ? It has default , new , old etc …

Does the quality setting affect the ripping speed or the file’s size?
Should i use MPEG I or II ?
Stereo or Joint Stereo ?

As far as I recall, philamber is a big expert when it come to CDex’s stuff ( …and not only that … :bigsmile: )

I can only advise you to learn more about its settings by going to :

Help > Help on using CDex > Contents > Configure CDex > Encoder options.


I personally like EAC for ripping but have used CDex also. Make sure you have the LAME dll in the folder where CDex.exe is located. Then in Options/Settings/Encoder tab go to the Quality dropdown box and, I’m assuming you want highest quality, select --alt-preset insane. This will take care of all the quality settings. (Make sure the Lame encoder is selected in the Encoder dropdown box. I use Normal for the thread priority and you will want the Output Samplerate to be 44100 is you plan to burn to a CD.

Cdex is a nice tool.

Originally posted by BoSkin
As far as I recall, philamber is a big expert when it come to CDex’s stuff


I use it coz it’s basically a no-brainer.

Just set the bit rate you want for mp3s. Default is 128kbps which is noticably inferior to original sound even to my tone deaf ear. Accordingly, I’ve got it set for 224 kbps which is, to me, indistinguishable from the original (though most people find 192kbps quite sufficient).

Only other setting I’ve changed from the defaults is so that it shows cd-text, if present.

Once you’ve made those changes, if you’re not happy with the defaults, just click the appropriate button and let it rip. Btw, you can retrieve cddb info before ripping by just clicking the relevant button if you’re on-line before ripping.

Of course, if you’re going to rip to wav, you don’t really need to change anything.

Thanks for your replies everyone , but you didn’t answer my main questions about VBR settings , stereo/joint stereo etc. :wink:

Anyway it doesn’t matter , i just experimented with the settings myself and didn’t find many improvements by using all those extra settings.