Cdex Problem!

I went to go open up my Cdex and it will not open up!
It keeps saying error and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Anything I can do?

uhhh no one can help me?

I haven’t used cdex myself but as a reinstall doesn’t work it is most likely a software conflict somewhere.
Have you installed anything new recently?
If you have windows XP can you roll back to a time when cdex was working?
Is there any other software giving problems?
By the way thank you for your patience, if you don’t get a reply to a question within 24 hours it is usual to ‘bump’ the thread to bring it to the top of the pile again.
I personally don’t look at old threads (more than 24 hrs) unless I am looking for something in particular. I would think that is the same for most of us.

I took out Norton from my computer. I had the security system thing and I replaced it with something else. I don’t remember when it was working because I haven’t used it in a while! :frowning:

test this program
and report back if it works

Yes, I downloaded that program and that opens up. However, I did not try it out because I don’t have to because it opens up lol.
CDex gives me this message every time I click on it:
<a href=“”><img src=“” border=“0” width=“427” alt=“Image Hosted by” /></a>
and I have uninstalled and reinstalled a lot of times, nothing! :frowning:

with aspi totally hosed, have you tried changing the bus?

Change what?

See here to understand what a bus is.

:cool: :cool:

why would I change the bus though?


First 4 Internet
Windows Antispyware Beta

HUH? I am lost lol