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When I was looking at the open-source community SourceForge I saw that the number one project was CDex. I just downloaded it, and it’s a very nice piece of software for those who want to rip their…

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Use simple mp3 maker - beats them all! :8 I wonder why it isn’t more known - it’s the best! :4 CD Ripper Features -Advanced jitter-correction -Support for CDDB (CDDBP, HTTP, HTTP-Proxy, Socks-Proxy) - Normalization of audio signal - Renaming of tracks - Creation of ID3 tags - Recording to WAV, MP3 (MPEG1/MPEG2 Layer 3), AAC, Vorbis/Ogg, or WMA - Recording of multiple CD tracks - Support for multiple drives - MP3/Audio Encoder Features - Encodes CD audio or WAV - Very High-Quality VBR Option - Very Fast MP3/Audio Player Features -Powerful playlist manager - ID3 tag editor - Configurable display (“skins”) - 12-band graphic equalizer - Supportf for Direct-Sound MP3/Audio Decoder Features - Decodes MP3 (MPEG1/MPEG2 Layer 3), AAC, Vorbis/Ogg or WMA files to WAV files - Very Fast Requirements Win95/98 WinNT/2000 :slight_smile:

Hate to be arguementative but your wrong, it’s not the best. The best is using EACwhich is the best ripper out BY FAR. After using that to rip all the tracks then use RazorLame and LAME to encode all the tracks, preferably at 192kb/s Stereo mode. Then use mp3-explorer as your juke box program.

That is how you do mp3’s!!

I wonder if that website will have a reviews about this program along with that awesome LAME encoder.

I agree with you Nila!!! EAC is the BEST :4 !!!

Why the hell would I wan’t to use more than one program to rip?! :r Simple Mp3 Maker is also using LAME. RazorLame is just a frontend. Mp3-explorer my ass! :frowning: Use WinAmp and a plug-in. Argon rules! By the way: Use Helium as your ID-tagger. That’s the way :+

Try AudioGrabber together with Lame dll: you won’t stop using it after you’ll see it’s quality (Lame!!!) and it’s speed! :wink:

Does AudioGrabber still don’t report errors after ripping. It doesn’t in older version. (Haven’t tryed a newer version) If it doesn’t it sucks! :frowning:

Best RIpper is EAC. Audiograbber is fast but not as good quality. It’s still good for a fact easy option. RazorLame is the best frontend for Lame though. mp3-explorer is great as a jukebox. Winamp cant do jukebox function even wtih a plugin.

How can you say that AudioGrabber isn’t as good quality - it can use LAME. And when it uses LAME it has to be the same quality! I’ve tried EAC - I surrender. Must admit it is a very good program with a many functions. Hate to lose, but maybe I’ll shift. :g It is still stupid that it can compress at once. Which MP3 EXPLORER are you talking about. TRASHSOFT MP3 EXPLORER. or Pierre Levy’s MP3 EXPLORER? Have you tried Simple Mp3 Maker before you put it down? :slight_smile:

Best ripper is EAC w/lame or EAC with Razorlame and LameENC. But back to the topic CDex is worth trying very quality program, I’d say it falls between Audiograbber and EAC for ripping, but if you want to decode files no program is as easy to use AND gives perfect DECODES (well as close to perfect as you get). CDex --> a good prog. , here are some decoding tests

…ohhh and its free :7

I’m not putting anything down. Just pointing out that for quality of Ripping EAC is the best as it does so many checks to make sure it is a perfect rip. And Jansemaden: I’m not talking about for encoding, I’m talking about ripping and for ripping LAME has nothing to do with it.

I’m talking about Pierre Levy’s mp3-explorer. I love it as a jukebox. Lightweight program that doesn’t clog up my system. I can keep it in the system tray and not notice ANY performace or stability changes in my system. Any other Jukebox recommendations welcomed but dont suggest huge bloatware shit that’s gonna clog my system down. That instantly throws away stuff like RealJukebox etc. And I dont want one to burn my mp3’s onto CD. I’ll leave that for all the clueless guys who find it too hard to open Nero to burn songs.

192kbps/stereo? Wake up people! LAME VBR or ABR beat the shit out of all CBR encodings. I can’t understand why everyone is sticking with the poor quality of CBR 192kbps encoding while solutions that provide smaller files with better sound quality exist.

The reason is that people don’t known with options to use to get good quality. Maybe you could help?

That’s not why for me. I just like CBR. It’s a nice fixed quality and all the main release groups release using CBR. I’m still to come accross ANY of the mp3 groups releasing mp3’s in VBR format and until they adopt it I dont plan to, after all, I get most of my music off of them, plus they put a lot of effort into working out how to encode them and they seem to prefer CBR as do I. and for you guys that want some info on encoding mp3’s using the correct options try these sites: There are loads more sites too. those are just a couple that you can start from. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah - and I tried VBR on some files I was encoding a while back, the space saving is pretty much non existant when encoding properly using VBR at high quality.