CDex doesn't find my DVD drive

Was going to rip a cd with CDex but I can only select CD/DVD drives created by Daemontools and Alcohol. My NEC 3500AG isn’t there…

Not sure that having virtual drives provided by 2 different softwares is a good idea.

What version of CDex are you using?

v.1.70 beta 2 I’ve disabled all virtual drives but three of’em refuses to disappear! They are:
VB9374U XDO601W
VB9374U XDO601W (1)
VB9374U XDO601W (2)

The autodetect option only give fails too…can this be because of Nero 7 ?

thx for help :slight_smile:

Didn’t find any edit button so here goes…

Uninstalled Daemontools and the virtual drives went away. But CDex still can’t find my NEC 3500AG drive…what’s the deal?

Edit: Ditched CDex and used FreeRIP instead (which works).

i’ve had issues the same as this…the fix for me was that cdex was using the “aspi” driver or another device driver…i switched to another device driver and cdex saw everything…also…if you don’t have your rom drives set to autorun…i always end up having to restart my pc for cdex to see any of my drives…the virtual drives are always there but my regular drives aren’t