CDex Claims OK rips with HP CD52 but it's fibbing

I ripped a disc with CDex and my HP CD42 that I think is a BenQ.

CDex listed each rip as OK.

Playing the MP3 files, I found a few that had audible digital errors.

I have CDex set to it’s defaults which it recomends.
Therefore no offset calculating has been done.

I’ve ripped other discs with no problems.


the best ripper is eac so i suggest youll use it instead and its free too
the cd might be copy protected scan it with a-ray
is the cd in good condition? (i mean scratches) cuz if it does have some that might the problem some drives read scratched cds much better then others
but in some cases when there are tons of scratches its hopeless

I think the disc was scratched.

I’ve used EAC before but would have to reconfigure the offset for this burner.
I’ve got the instructions somewhere.

I think I stopped using EAC to rip because I wasn’t sure that I was gett -alt-preset-standard. I couldn’t get one or the other internal or external LAME to work.