CDex 1.50

Hi, firstly great forum you have here. :iagree:

I’ve been looking around the net for CDex 1.50 (current release is 1.51) but can’t find it anywhere.
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on it?
It’s for my mates antiquated windows ME machine.
1.51 gave it the blue screen of death. :confused:

Thanks in advance…

JJ :cool:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try this link

It’s the same sort of thing I’ve found when I come across links…

'Could not read file.

Go back. /home/ftp/pub/sourceforge//s/so/sourceforge/cdexos’

Sourceforge don’t appear to have a backlist of previous versions.

Thanks anyway.


I tested the link and I’m able to download the file.

If you have a download manager like flashget, use it to retrieve the file.

linky. :slight_smile:



hehe, thanks guys, got it now.


Google “cdex”

first hit ( for me)

click on green download button

scroll down screen…

Like I said in a previous post, no link was showing up on my PC from sourceforge.
The only link that worked was eltranquils.

The link provided by ET [B]is[/B] sourceforge :wink:

I know, but I couldn’t get there from the initial page for some bizarre reason.

Probably your firewall or your browser blocks something like cookies, who know…

Sometimes it happen also to me with certain links :doh: