CDex 1.40 beta 5 released

I just posted the article CDex 1.40 beta 5 released….

A month ago we reported about CDex, a freeware audio extractor. Well CDex 1.40 beta 5 is now released. What’s news?

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Exact Audio Copy is still a much better choice, even if the cd isn’t scratched. Some (most?) drives don’t position the head correctly when seeking a track, meaning some data is lost when ripping. Using the offest settings EAC you can rip the whole track. The offset settings also allow you to make exact copies of audio CDs, which no other software can do. Normally some data is lost each time you make a copy, and further data loss occurs when you make a copy of a copy. Look at the ‘Offset Technology’ section in EAC.TXT which comes with EAC :9

“Offset correction” is negligible in real world terms, especially if you intend to compress tracks (where CDex is a far better choice).

Roaster, you are right about offsets for compressed tracks, but it is of definite use for copying CDs. In any case I am dowloading CDEx now so I can compare the programs. :slight_smile:

I would say EAC and CDex are both rippers, but of a different scope. EAC is a powerful tool for audio copying, CDex is for compressing audio the easy way.

I only use EAC for ripping, & use RazorLame for encoding. As a single ripper and encoder CDEx may be better. But for the moment anyway I still think EAC is the better ripper. :*