CDDVD Speed disappearing BM graph

Forgive me if everybody else on the planet knew about this. A while ago I was using another machine at another location using CDDVD Speed, benchmark tests & right at the end the graph would disappear, couldn’t figure out why because it had never happened to me before, so I ran it again & grabbed the pic before it disappeared, never thought much more about it. Now before a clean install I always ran with AutoRun disabled through the registry. Clean install is done & I proceed to scan again, you guessed it, graph disappears. I can’t figure out why, (the AutoRun thing hasn’t clicked yet). I pour through the settings but nothing stands out. Now this is really starting to bug me. Finally I am looking at the settings & it strikes me the Load/Eject test right at the end, so I uncheck the box & guess what, no more disappearing graph.