CDDBControlRoxio.dll in Easy CD Creator


I have a problem with Easy CD creator (with the latest patch from roxio ), on Win XP Pro.
when ever I start easycd it give me an error:
ctcatend: M0 L65 F0 P6x ErrorCode=0

I found the when I remove the CDDBControlRoxio.dll file from Windows\system32 the software come up but then I don’t have
name track, when ever it need to find the name it says that it doesn’t have an internet connection.

Even if the track came from the local hard disk.
So when I go to CD lable after I burn them its give me the error
and the tracks just by number & not by the real name ( what is
on the local hard disk ).

Need Help SOS,


I would try to uninstall EasyCD Creator completely (also remove Registry entries and .dll and stuff in other folders) and reinstall it. Sounds like it could be fixed like this.

I did it already, also cleaned the registry after uninstall,
delete the adaptec directory and then install it again