CDCyclone Media

Is there any whose used these

They’re a great price,but are they too good to be true???

No doubt, that price is rather frightening.
No clues here either. Maybe you can be the tester on this stuff?

OK,RD,I 'll be the proverbial guinea pig…:cool: When I get and test them,I’ll
post back in this thread…Upon searching the site ,I found that they have 4x Media
in DVD Movie Style cases,5 /$11.30,i got one…pretty painless,and if they work,I’ll pat my credit card on the back…

Well ,folks,got 'em tested 'em,and they’re
limited in what they do.Burn at 4x with Nero 6,16 minute burn for existing movie on hard drive (Deliver Us From Eva),played wiith Sony NS-315,and but not older player,Sony DVPS-300,which is usually pretty kind. Will run additional tests on other players for compatibility…stay tuned