I have been having problems with anyone else having problems. I can get the home page but whenever i search for covers it tells me the page has been removed.

[I]Posted By jj on February 17, 2008 at 17:03
We have been experiencing various connectivity problems from time to time during the past 48 hours. This usually results is short unavailability or slow loading of the site.
We are investigating the problem and if you encounter this problem please try the site again in five minutes.
Thank you for your understanding.[/I]

That was at their home page, so it looks like the problem is at their end.

It’s working now. I dowloaded the Chaos cover.

This seems to be a common problem. Nobody I’ve found has been able to tell me what happened to the site or if they’ll be back up. I have spent considerable hours since they went down trying to locate another site but have had NO luck. There just isn’t anyplace out there that offers the same service. Any ideas or help from others would be appreciated by many as we all seem to be in the same leaky boat!!

not sure what to tell you, ive been using this site with no problems whatsoever…

was just on the site using the above link