Hi, can anyone tell me what happened to It just won’t load for me. Has it got a new address? Help!! Thanks.

Hi, can anyone tell me where went to?? It simply won’y load for me. Has it got a new address? Help!! Thanks

try pressing ctrl-F5 , its loading ok for me

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Works perfectly here. Perhaps your ISP has troubles.

What is crosspost??

Posting more than one thread for the same topic. You posted this thread, and another thread for the exact same topic.

No problem here either.

try this

Interesting, 3/2/09 logged in and downloaded, came home today and the site is blocked. I tried another cover site and could get a listing but tried to open the cover and that link was broken. ??

Firefox usually works better with this site.

Not working on IE of Firefox here… and none of the other ones I’ve used in the past work either… any idea why…??

Not working here either, been trying for 16 hours now, so me thinks there is a problem

Yea happening to me as well. Always did it using IE, but never had trouble with Firefox untill now.

same here I’ve been trying since last night to get on the page just times out . Any Ideas

What do you mean try pressinf ctrl-f5 when?

Must be down again, they have been going down more often here lately.And for longer periods of time.

Hopefully they will be back up soon.

It seems like it’s been blocked :frowning:

I don’t think it’s blocked or we would have received a different message than that. It just looks like the site is down, it does happen. I don’t think that there is any other useful site like this, does any one else have any ideas as alternatives to

I have intermittent problems with the site loading too… frustrating, but I just accept it now