Does anyone knows what happened to I can’t connect to that site for several days now. :sad:


Working fine here, tryed killing your firewall and trying?


I tried it, but still no luck…

Working fine here also

Damn! Any ideas why it doesn’t work over here?

Try this link and let us know if you get any error messages etc
Could be firewall etc

Working here, just a bit slow.

Ben :slight_smile:

Working, but very slow.

I keep getting “connection refused” and can’t connect. Copyright police?

I can’t connect either.

Connection refused here too, strange I was on it a few days ago. Hope it is jsut server trouble and they will be back soon.

I can’t get on to the site either have tried with ie and firefox and disabling popup blockers but still no luck .The site was fine yesterday.

Today I was not able to connect either.

Yes i could get on no problem yesterday then next time i tried it was so slow but now i cant get on at all…
So there must be some sort of problem…

Tried the link and got “http 404 - File not found” Can the persons who are able to reach the site, pass on word that so many are having problems. I really miss the site. I used to visit it daily!! is back on line in the USA. I accessed the site last night several times. I had not been able to log on fo several weeks. Sure wish I knew what caused the inaccessability.

Like greenberet said, had no problems now, too!

Back up and running for me too and I am in the UK.

I Got throgh OK in less than one second. :slight_smile:

Just tried and as Redback got thru in 1 second, based in UK also.