is back online!

I just posted the article is back online !.

Just a quick message submitted by priss: CDcovers.CC is back online!

As we promised, we are back online from a two weeks down time with all the sections working just as they did in the…

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yeah it has been up for the past few days yay some good covers finally

CD COVERS.CC offline in U.S.through yahoo search, is it on line through other servers? I love cdfreaks, dvd fab platinum is great for years. I wish they would perfect BLU RAY. Anyway any news on the add above? CDCOVERS>CC

Anyway, if you all have same problem try for great cd and dvd covers.:clap:

OR is down …? I can’t acess it? Does anyone know for sure what is going on with the site? The people who can access it can you email them and asked what’s going on with the site… is not free.