CDcopy in XP

:rolleyes: have M$ disabled the CDcopy function in their op-system or am I just stupid? now i’m copying to the CD-drive (eg. to the harddrive) and burning from there. but it’s make me f*cking :mad:

To my knowledge Windows XP always uses the image method (first to harddisk then to CD-R). That’s why you shouldn’t use it :wink: Use Nero Burning Rom instead. See here how to disable the IMAPI engine in Windows XP to speed things up a little…

This, as we all know, is the pirates scourge. The thing from underneath the bed Windows XP. First of all the stupid WPA thing. Then the weird mp3 encoding rates, suppose M$ has designed this as not to try and copy a protected cd??? Ah the conspiracy. Although I have been running it on one my boxes for about 2 months I still am leery about it. But it hasnt tried to call home yet or another like that. I hate to say it, but M$ might
actually have developed a product that actually doenst crash.