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Hi new to the field of CD burning. I have just installed CDClone and Pefect Copy 2000. Have doen the basics and copied data and whole album but have no idea how to reallu use package nor how to copy certain tracks from numerous cd’s to compile my own album. Any help and possible opertaing maunal would be much appreciated.

Regards from downunder (Australia)

We would really like it if someone has the time to make a Manual or FAQ --> we’re in big need of that :wink:

I could do that, DoMiNaToR :slight_smile:

Here a brief CloneCD overview:


First of all CloneCD should only be used to copy backup entire discs (copyprotected or not) and not to backup separate files! CloneCD can’t do this. For this purpose you could use NERO Burning Rom ( ) which is, to my opinion, one of the best and easy to use program for making your own CD’s or back-up separate files.

Ok, so CloneCD can only be used to backup entire disc, but the big advantage of CloneCD is that is can also backup copyprotected discs! But there are some things you should keep in mind:

[li]Your hardware must be supported (see the Elby website ( ) for the hardware requirements )
[/li][li]You have to use the right settings for each protection, or else the backup will be useless (a so-called coaster).

As I see you have used Perfect Copy. This is a good choice but the program is rather big in file size. A good alternative is Clony. It does not really matter what you use, just as long as it gets the job done :slight_smile: Now that you’ve identified the protection these programs have a button “Pass settings to CloneCD” or something similar. Press this and CloneCD will be started with the right settings.


CloneCD has 4 buttons:

[li]The READ button
[/li][li]The WRITE button
[/li][li]The COPY-CD button
[/li][li]The ERASE CDRW button
The first two buttons are the most used ones. The third button is a combo of the first two. And the fourth is used to erase a CDRW disc. Like I said you only have to use the first two buttons.


Press it so that a window will pop-up. There a three tabs: Read, Image File, Global.


Here you can choose from which drive CloneCD should read the files. I personally always select my writer here because it’s far better in reading then my normal CD-ROM and it can also read SubChannels (digital ID’s used to protect a CD). Below the Choose reader option you can see a number of settings. If you used a scan program like the ones mentioned above, some settings are already selected (like for the SafeDisc protection, Perfect Copy (or Clony) would have selected “Fast Error Skip” here). Leave these settings as they are. I could explain all meanings of the other options, but that would take some time :wink: Below the read options there are three other buttons: a drive info button (gives info on the selected drive), a read button (starts the reading process) and a cross (takes you back to the main window of CloneCD).


Here you can select where you want the image to be stored on your harddisc (can be up to 700MB).


Well this should be clear. It’s best to leave all options default.


Now that the image has been created you can write it to a CDR. Press this button so that again a window will pop-up. There are three tabs here: Image File, Write and Global.


It tells CloneCD where it can find the image created in the reading session and if CloneCD should delete it after writing. You should not delete if you want to make several backups of the same image (duh… ;))


Here you can choose with which drive you want to write the image and what method should be used. If DAO-RAW is selected you should always choose this one. Again I could explain all meanings of RAW, but that would take a lot of time.

Other options should be left default. Except “Don’t repair SubChannel Data” when backing up PSX games.


The same thing as the read session. This should be clear.

Ok that’s about it. Depending on your hardware you can have a good backup within 10 minutes :smiley: If the backup does not work you probably selected the wrong settings or your hardware is not 100% compatible.

This little manual could be a lot bigger but it gives you a general idea of the “look and feeling” of CloneCD


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I’ved added this manual to our articles section…

Thanks DoMiNaToR :wink:
I just edited a little bit because above little manual was a screwed up I saw… Some links were wrong and a little part of the manual was missing.

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