CDClone: Editing/Tutorials

Extreme Newbie! I am using clonecd5 to copy mostly only audio cd’s, is there a way to edit the playlist to copy only songs I want to the new cd? And secondly is there anyplace I can read a good tutorial on all the functions and usage of clonecd in newbie english? Thanks for the help :confused:

CloneCD is used for making 1:1 (exact duplicate) copies of a CD. This means if you are using it on an audio CD, you are using it because you want a complete copy of the original CD, as close to the original as you could possibly make it. You cannot pick only certain tracks to copy with CloneCD.

If you want to copy only certain songs off a CD, you need to “rip” them from the CD first (“rip”, meaning save as a file on your hard drive, usually a .wav for best quality because it does not compress the track or .mp3 for quality/space saving trade off or for use on a MP3 Player) using a CD ripping program. Exact Audio Copy is free and it is arguably the best at ripping, and it has the ability to pass the track off to another program for MP3 encoding, but it would take some investigating as to the best settings for the program(s) and the drive for it to work at its maximum potential. So as a newbie, I am not sure if you have the time/patience for that. Its not impossible by any means, so I would suggest downloading it and giving it a shot, just by following what it tells you to do in the setup. You could probably get it working well enough like that.

Other than that, there are other programs that “rip” tracks from the CD, but I’ll leave that for others with more experience using them to reccommend as far as quality and ease of use. Also, you’ll need another program to burn the ripped tracks to a CD. Nero and Roxio’s Easy CD Creator are probably the top two, I personally use Nero. I know Nero will rip tracks from a CD, and I am fairly sure Easy CD creator will also. So if you are just looking for one program to use, I know Nero will help you do what you want as far as copying only certain songs and burning them to CD. It will also allow you to take certain songs from different CDs and make a “mix” CD with them.

Hope that helps.


I’d go with Nero as well, as EZ CD Cremator isn’t the best software around.

If it’s an all around that you are looking for, one to rip, convert and burn might I suggest Pyro, give it a look, if that all you want to do is audio.