CDClone and Ground Control



I have been trying to copy Sierra’s game called Ground Control for a few days now. I have tried using ClonyXXL to identify the protection but all I get is that it is protected but it does not ID the scheme. I actually have a copy that installs but as soon as I try to run it it states that the cd is empty. What am I doing wrong? Where can I get hold of the old Clony that is integrated with CloneCD? (by the way the game is the original one)


From my knowledge it’s SecuROM protected to be sure please scan your disc using aray scanner and post your result here.


I have found out that it is Securom “new”.
I have now tried all I can but although the cd copies I cannot get the copied one to work.
We want to play head to head on our home network but am finding it more and more difficult to copy with CloneCD.


Is it the first Ground Control or Ground Control 2 ?
The first one is protected with securom 4.1X (i don’t remember the exact version) and can be copied with clonecd as long as you read the subchannels. The latter has securom 5.03.06 and cloneCD alone cannot do the job.