Cdcheck results greek to me!

thanx to all who replied!, (chef,checks in da mail lol).cool link stroppy,thanx. etp-yes ,theywork in other players (home dvd player. CDCHECK says "the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error,(code 117) critical process D:\ file directory in setup window not found (code 2) process aborted!(code 3) ?? help did’nt help me much, all greek to me… help please!! (pretty please!!), I’m lose’n my mind!!

Hmmm… it would have been better if you simply continued the original thread. Then at least people that tried to help could have easy reference to what their original advice was.

The error means that windows cannot even recognise the disk or any of the files on it.


  1. There is something incredibly screwy in your OS (in which case no CD/DVD’s will work)
  2. Your drive is buggered (in which case no CD/DVD’s will work)
  3. The disc your are trying is totally F.U.B.A.R. (in which case other CD/DVD’s will work).

If it’s a burnt disc, I’m guessing you’ve used cheap media & have just learnt the fundamental law of economics.