I just posted the article CDCheck

Neat utility came to my eyes:

CDCheck is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files with emphasis on error detection. It supports CRC files and binary compare. CDCheck can be…

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I’m pretty sure this was meantioned on here a little while back. If it was you should make sure you pay more attention to posts before posting articles. :slight_smile:

Perhaps “you” should "pay more attention to posts before posting " responses nila :g. I searched the database & couldn’t find something about this. Although a few days ago CDCheck was added. But i don’t think 9 & 10 is the same :)?? If it is, please give me 10 million euro, i’ll give u 9. That’s the same right?

Already version 11 is available:

LOL! Seems they bring out more versions a day, then …erhm … a chicken lay eggs :).