CDBurnerXP Pro: Freeware recording software, ISO and Ogg support

I just posted the article CDBurnerXP Pro: Freeware recording software, ISO and Ogg support.

  Mr.  Belvedere used our news submit to tell us about a new recording application that is, just  like burnatonce, totally free to use. The software called CDBurnerXP Pro  supports buffer...
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You may also visit the official CDBurnerXP Pro forum for all the latest & up to date news direct from the author. The link is on the CDBurnerXP Pro homepage. :slight_smile:

…ooops forgot to say… Seems like a very good prog so far and Stefan seems very interested in user feedback to improve the prog and bugs etc ASAP. Nice to have a freeware prog with these functions too.

I prefer the cdfreaks forum, why post on all these seperate little forums? Then i need to create a new user account and only get a few ansers. At this site I always get good help enough, mainly even by only browsing it :B