CDBurnerXP-Pro ; A freeware burning program



From the website :

CDBurnerXP Pro is a freeware CD-Writer program. The program can write CD-R and CD-RW discs. It can also write discs directly from an ISO image file, and save image as an ISO image file (*.iso). CDBurnerXP can also erase CD-RW discs, other features are:

Create fully compatible ISO9660 and Joliet CD’s.
Supports BURN-PROOF technology.
Write ISO images for raw writing by other applications.
Import ISO images from other applications.
Import multi-session data tracks.
Supports creation of multi-session disks.
Supports use of high write speeds.
ASPI not required for NT/2000/XP.
Supports use of re-writeable discs.
Burn Audio CD’s, only WAV-files supported.
Rip Audio CD’s to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV


Its written in VB :Z


Originally posted by vio_man
Its written in VB :Z

So therefore it sucks ? :confused:

Show me your freeware programs :bow: :bigsmile:


Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere

So therefore it sucks ? :confused:

Show me your freeware programs :bow: :bigsmile: [/B]

LOL. :bigsmile:


Originally posted by vio_man
Its written in VB :Z

I’d pick C++ as well to write a program like this, but it wrote my Red Hat 9 ISO’s just fine…

So as long as it’s stable and not eating my CPU, I don’t have a problem with it… :wink:


VB it is not a way to code a software like this one… BTW, it detects my LiteON 52246S firmware version as DS18 :bigsmile: It’s kind of blind :o


Originally posted by vio_man
VB it is not a way to code a software like this one…
…how would you code it?


This kind of application which access directly to hardware should be codec in C++


If you really wanna argue about coding conventions, the best would of course ideally be assembler as it would be in machine language and fastest and most reliable.

But considering available memory today, and cpu power, I think it doesn’t really matter all that much what its written in.

Although I would love to see a piece of burning software written in assembler. :slight_smile:


Of course Assembly would be the top, but do you know how much time it would take? And how many lines would have to be written? It’s not viable to be done with this kind of complexity.


assembler, right! :cool:

i used to write assembler, back when it was 16 bit code for dos. i can imagine trying to provide a graphical interface using assembler. haha. :slight_smile:

it’s been many years since i’ve done any real programming but a lot of it has to do with how well the particular implementation of the language compiles. also, the smallest program isn’t necessarily the fastest and most efficient. i know that inline routines in assembler are much faster than subroutines even though it makes for a larger executable. (at least on an 8mhz 8086 :bigsmile: )


Info on CDBurnerXP 3 is tough to find around here. Not too many freeware burning proggies floating around and I’m not really into dropping $50 on Nero or CloneDVD so…

<edit> and yes, i resurrected a thread from 3 years ago. I’m a bit behind I guess :o

#13 - the current website, though it’s had a few bouts of downtime.

Announced 25th of Jan, version 3.5 alpha test for donors only