CDBurnerXP is back (new version Released, 29-10-2007)

I just found that the developers of CDBurnerXP have finally released version 4.0 of the program. The installation on my Laptop has just finished and what I saw looks great. It appears to be a nice small freeware proggie.

Burning the first Audio CD now.

Here some screenshots:

Thanks, H3rB3i! I shall download it shortly :smiley:

Is there any benefits to using this software over commercial applications? aside from being free. :stuck_out_tongue: Like uhm, does it have anything unique? do certain things better?

Just curious more than anything else, to be honest.

It’s free :bigsmile: ! And to be honest, a bit less bloated than some commercial apps. :slight_smile:

I guess the best way is to just download and try it, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:
Doubt it will replace CopytoDVD for me, but eh who knows. I’m always up for trying new software. :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for letting us now about this upgrade, [B]H3rB3i[/B]. :slight_smile:
It’s taken very long for this version to come out.

Just a small note: CDBurner XP 4 requires .NET 2.0 or later to be installed.

@Feena - free stuff is always worth a go :wink:

Thanks for the info about .NET 2.0 Drage, I’m OK there because I have it installed for the Folding@Home SMP client. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s on the Home page. There are a lot of apps that require 2.0 also :iagree:

Thank you H3rB3i for the post.

It was a bit hard to find how to burn a dvd-video (File-> Video DVD layout) and then the “Create movie image” button was grey and it took me some time to work arround the problem (select the folder, close the compilation and then try again).

It would be nice if it would show device buffer level and current burning speed while burning.

I didn’t like the “R6025 -pure virtual function call runtime” and “Device error:(16711680) Error closing DVD+R track.SCSI Pass-through Interface I/O Error. -0xFF001f” errors.

Of course it’s a very new version and the small problems will be corrected in the future, but untill then I will keep infrarecorder.

Unfortunately I’m having problems with creating an audio cd.

When creating a Audio CD out of 21 mp3s CDBurnerXP calculates a size of 804MB and won’t let me burn the files onto disc. For the same compilation in Nero a required space of 702MB is calculated.

Out of curiousity I removed a few Audio files and burned the disc, the burning process appeared to be ok but at the disc I can see huge gaps between the tracks. Around 3mm at the inner circle and becoming smaller to less than 1mm at the outer circle.

/edit: it’s the same on both of my PC’s (Laptop and Desktop)

Thanks for the info. I will continue to use my past apps…

Using a known good app is what I’m doing. Some programs simply cannot calculate correctly even tho the file on the HDD is the correct size and converts otherwise. DRove me to actually rerip a CD (Traveling Wilburys) to be sure the correct MP-3 size was on my HDD. Using Media Monkey produced the correct conversion back to CD. I have not figured out why this happened.

I had problems with writing a multi-session CD-R with CDBurnerXP 4 - the sessions weren’t properly closed and the program refused to add another session until I used Nero Burning ROM to close the session properly.

This was the very first thing I tried and it didn’t work properly. :frowning:

It seems that this was released a bit too early. Hopefully the bugs will be ironed out in later releases.

Thanks, guys!

Just this morning in church I was making a list of tasks to do, and “buy backup software” was first on that list (Oront, Cheetah Burner, CopytoDVD from VSO-software, something like that). (I should have paid attention to the religious service, but I wanted to be more productive when it ended. Hope I can still get into Heaven.)

The install routine did not automatically create items in the start menu (XP SP2), so I created them (for both Admin and regular user). The program has a nice interface, and it works based on one single backup I’ve done so far.

With IMGBurn, adding lots and lots of directories (docs, spreadsheets, pictures) seemed tedious. With CDBurner XP, it was an easy experience.

I had the same problem; choosing the “install for everyone” option didn’t install anything in the Start Menu, and choosing the “install for current user only” option installed Start Menu shortcuts for everyone. :confused:

They just released a new version CDBurnerXP

:frowning: audio bug not fixed

It’s hopeful that they already started the bug fixing.

another new version is out now

2007-10-28 15:18:49


*Remaining time
*New audio player, also plays CDA tracks now
*possibility to add more files to the drop box while it is currently analysing the files you dropped before
*Option to display text for toolbar buttons
*Compilation update feature
*Fixed 100% CPU usage


*Re-appearing project selection dialog after closing a compilation
*Burning files bigger than 4GB now supported
*New, Vista ready icon


*Fixed ISO validity check
*Fixed bottable discs / file system selection
*Fixed ISO drop feature
*Fixed file browser refresh error when renaming folders

yeah i noticed new version out on to so i came here to see if that audio bug was fixed that people mentioned a while ago :wink:

until this program is stable as far as burning general audio and data cd’s/dvd’s i aint going to recommend it to anyone.

p.s. i just use imgburn and burrrn myself for all my needs lately. but if this cd burner xp stuff becomes reliable i think i would recommend this to the average joe over imgburn or burrrn since imgburn is still a little complicated as far as it’s interface for burning basic data dvd’s.