Hi, i’ve recently bought a sony cd-rw 140 but i dont know which program i should best use for copying cd’s. I’ve got nero, cdrwin,winoncd and clonecd, which one is best? And which settings do i have to use when copying a cd??

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Please use one of prog you’ve named at the time, if ya like it stick with it.

first try Nero.

once you’ve made more then 10 copies with it and no coaster…stick with nero.

thats my advice…

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thx, gangster!
But does every cd copy has the same settings or not? If no, how do i know which settings i have to use?!


Most of the time it can be done with the same settings,

i could write down a story of how to use nero if you like ?


I sure could use that, if possible write it in dutch. I don’t know the meaning of raw writing and the otter stuff(all of it actually), if u could explain this too?

thx mate(or cant i say this?)

I LOVE CDFREAKS!!! easy way to get info


We have a rule; not to post in dutch on a non-dutch forum, but exceptations must be made. i guess??

Mate [make me feel like im living in down under]

So here it comes, a mix of info. [both languages; sorry


  • Insert a blank CD into the destination Recorder and the original CD into the source CD Reader.
  • Click on Nero – Burning ROM.
  • Go to the ‘Audio-CD’ option.
  • Go to the ‘CDA Options’ tab.
  • Select the CD Reader that contains the source CD.
  • In the ‘Read Speed’ box, make sure it is set to as far as the CD Reader can go.
  • Make sure the ‘Cache the track on harddisk before burning’ box is checked.
  • This will ensure that a perfect, distortion-free copy is made when the CD is recorded.
  • Go to the ‘Burn’ tab.
  • Make sure that the ‘Disk-at-Once’ box is checked.
  • If you want to test the operation before going ahead with it, make sure that the
    ‘Determine Maximum Speed’ and - ‘Simulation’ boxes are ticked.
  • If you want it to write the CD without testing, make sure that the ‘Write’ box is ticked and the
    others are left blank.
  • In the ‘Write Speed’ box, make sure that it is at the maximum that your Recorder can go.
  • If you have problems, change it to 2x or even 1x.
  • Specify the number of copies you wish to make in the ‘Number of Copies’ box.
  • When you are happy with your settings, click on the ‘Copy CD’ tab.
  • A box entitled ‘Write CD’ will pop up which you will need to confirm to start the recording

Spellen cdz kopiëren

De originele spellen zijn meestal beveiligd met clockspl, een beveiliging die
controleert of de echte cd in de cd-romspeler zit. Deze beveiliging is met een
paar simpele dingen te kraken. Als je probeert om van deze cd gewoon een kopie te
maken of een image, zal de cd het niet doen, en zegt Windows dat alle bestanden geen
geldige win 32 toepassing zij, weer een beveiliging van clockspl. Hiervoor is onder
andere CloneCD uitgebracht (wat helaas niet altijd werkt).
Om deze beveiliging te omzeilen heb je in ieder geval blindread nodig. Hiermee kopieer
je de hele cd naar de harde schijf, en het programma zorgt ervoor dat ie de fouten en de
beveiliging eruit haalt of omzeild. Dit wil niet zeggen dat je dan de cd kan gebruiken, weer
een beveiliging van clockspl. Nu kan je de cd dus eigenlijk al branden. Maar om het spel te
laten werken heb je nog een crack of patch nodig die de executable van het spel vervangt.
Deze kan je meestal vinden bij Je kan zelfs voor 2 mogelijkheden kiezen.
Je kan de crack pas installeren nadat je het spel van de cd geïnstalleerd heb, maar makkelijker
is om die crack gelijk op de cd te branden. Dit doe je gewoon door de crack over het originele
executable bestand heen te schrijven.

Raw writing doet alleen clone cd maar…gebruik die als laatste keus.



CDR/W Writing Methods:
There are several ways to write to a compact disc. The one that’s used depends on bith the logical format and the physical format in wich the disc is written.

Track-At-Once (TAO):
This is the so-called “gap-writing-method”. When a new track must be written, the CDR/W laser is turned on, when the track ends the laser is turned off, even when you are writing several tracks within the same recording session. Each recorded track will be seperated by a “gap”. The gap is 2 or 3 seconds for a data track, followed by and audio track. Gaps between audio tracks have a standard lenght of 2 seconds. However, if your recorder doesn’t choke on it, you can adjust the lenght of a gap. Nero, WinOnCD and Prassi Replicator (and others…) support this feature as long as your recorder supports it. Most new recorders do.

Session-At-Once (SAO):
This method is used for CD-extra CD’s: The recorder will burn several audio tracks to the CD without turning the laser off, when all tracks are written the laser will be turned off. Next, the data track is being written, then the disc will be closed.

Disc-At-Once (DAO or RAW):
The Disc-At-Once operation requires a blank media to be inserted. One or more tracks are written to the disc without turning the laser off. When the tracks are finished recording, the disc will be closed. This method can eliminate the 2-second gaps when writing a Audio disc. Please note that not all recorders support this feature.

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