CDbeta beats Macrovisions SafeDisc *Update*

I just posted the article CDbeta beats Macrovisions SafeDisc Update.

CDbeta, the software we reported first about yesterday seems to be the solution for everyone that needs to backup SafeDisc protected games.
The software has been confirmed to work from various…

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DONE… and? Well Red Alert 2 burnt via my Plextor 1610A never worked in my Pioneer DVD105 or my other PCs Matsushita CR585 drives. Never actually tested the coaster-esque RA2 copy in my Plextor drive itself, but that copy is in the bin and im not making another one to make sure it doesnt work in my plextor drive! However BetaBlocker makes Red Alert 2 copies work in all 3 of my drives, so thats all that matters to me, im happy. This should save me a 100 quid or so on an SD2 compatible drive… muhahaha? :wink:

Well, it seems RA2 doesn’t like CDBeta, mine doesn’t work either, only in Pioneer 106S and burner. Burnt with Ricoh MP7163A.

I think maybe you are reading my comments wrong?? CDbeta fixes EVERYTHING about burning SD2, my RA2 copy now works in everything where it never used to!!

Does this defeat the SD2 on Max Payne? hope so!! could someone try it as when i read it the bad sectors are removed!! i would like to know how to solve this and then how to copy it, if anyone could help me?

Tried ‘Undying’ in my Sony CRX140e - It didn’t work :frowning:

today i 've tried CDBeta…and i was very happy…copied Max Payne with my Plextor PW1210A, Firmware 1.04 or 1.05 which wasn’t able to burn it correct before…great…:8

i try to read whit my sony crx 0811 at 4x fast error retries3 none and burn it whid the sony no success.i try too read whid the sony at max read and write it whid acer 1832 no problem the game whas ra 2

Does cdbeta work on Operation: Flashpoint? I know that it’s Fade-protected but Fade is almost the same as SD2 right?

I just burn Hitman (safedisc 2) with my Plex 12/10/32A and it doesn’t work in my A-open 36 :(. Does anybody nows what i did wrong???

It doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t detect any bad sectors for Diablo 2 Expansion and It puts -150 in the search field for Age of Empires 2. Not sure if Diablo 2 expansion os safedisc but I know Age of Empires 2 is safedisc.

I succesfully burned a copy of Hitman 1.0 with my Aopen CRW9420! Unfortunately I could only play it from my burner. Hitman wouldnt start from my Asus 50X CD-rom :frowning: (installing was no problem). It got stuck at point where it had to read the protected sectors. More good news: the game was playable on my father’s computer with a DVD/CD-player!! I think this program rocks!! :4

@lordbelial This tool was (as least as I understand it) intended to copy SafeDisc 2 only. It detects the weak sectors and modifies them not the error sectors (there are about 400 normal errors on a SD2 protected game and only a few weak ones. All in the first 10.500 sectors of the disc)… Both games you mention do not have the SD2 protection so it doesn’t make any difference.

Dimmuxx there’s no such thing as fade. :slight_smile:

Iv’e thought about this technique before, but didn’t get any results. Is this a scam, if not, tell me why you can modify something you can read anyway.

This is my conclusion! First of as one dude pointed out in a recent posting, CDbeta fixes the SafeDisc 2 SPECIFIC weak sectors and NOT the ordinary bad sectors. To copy a game like Max Payne the reader & burner must be Safdisc 1 compatible. Now for the second problem. As there are new versions of Safedisc 2 the protection is harder to bypass. Because it uses a technique used in SecuRom 2 which means that some versions of SafeDisc 2 will NOT work with a cd-burner (CDr/rw or even some DVD’s) because Safedisc 2 will simply ask the drive what type of CD is inserted and if the drives returns “It’s a 80 min CDR” then SafeDisc 2 will react on this and shutdown the game or go into a FADE mode (FADE mode not confirmed). To bypass that fase of the protection one can use a program like INSEKTOR which has the capability to remove the information passed on from the drive to Safedisc 2 regarding the CD type inserted in the CDr/rw so Safdisc 2 will think it’s a pressed CD. So, it works ONLY if you have a 100% Safedisc 1 compatible hardware setup. Hope this will help some of you. Any comments on my findings ??? Please post.

This is stupid, if it modifies the weak sectors to give different type of bad sectors then surely it will not work in all CDROM drives and it will not be a 1:1 copy. You might as well use unsafedisc to unwrap exe and use WinISO to overwrite the original exe.

The weak sectors are the bad sectors, duh!! In fact weak sectors do not exist as normal sectors.

Just get a SafeDisc2 compatible recorder. There are a good amount of them, and quite a few of them are fairly cheap now.

Doesn’t work! Reader - Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1402 (IDE - makes 1:1 copies with CloneCD) Writer - HP 9200+ (SCSI - copies everything except SD2 :() Tried the patch and it does’t work! :frowning: , also the patched image doesn’t work anymore with Virtual DAEMON Manager V2.79 (gives exactly the same error as the burned copies) but the original copy still works :slight_smile: 5 Stars for VDaemon 1 lemon for BetaBlocker