Cdb problem!

Hi there, i will be short, because i gotta be at some place in 15 mins…

Ok here is my problem, everytime when I try to burn CD, it doesnt matter is it Audio, video or eny other format of CD, right after i press BURN button, the pop-up message says “Write error [illegal request(invalid field in cdb)]”…i really dont know what to do, i tried everything, lower the burn speed, change burn options, but nothing helps, so i would be glad if someone from here could tell me the answer…THANKS

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illegal request invalid field in cdb
Common problem. Search CDB for more info but your software and hardware don’t get along - just like my ESP which can’t work out your OS, burner, media, burning application, read/write settings, CPU, motherboard chipset, driver versions …

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Yeah, it’s the Newbie Forum, but I’m tired :stuck_out_tongue: