CDan - Canon IP4300

CDan - What cd/dvd label printing program do yo use and what are your settings?

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I don’t have a 4300, but a UK model IP4000. (much the same print engine) I use the Canon printing program and am happy with it. I have a template saved for each of the disc types I use.

I use the default disc printing settings with “vivid photo” effect and manual color settings. (ICM and a small intensity boost).

I’m still working on getting settings down for TY silver printables, but similar settings seem to be a good start.

Thanks for the response.

What dims. do you use for your media?

I like Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.04. No limit on inner or outer diameter settings as oppose to the canon software. I just measure the diameters of the brand disk I’m using and enter it into the software. You will find that you’ll use different numbers for different brands. Just save the setting as a template for the next time you print.

Varies from one to the other, I just measure it and go with that.

TY hub printable is generally 23x118

TY silver is 44x117

What is the latest version of the Canon software?


I still use 1.02 and have no problems with it.