Cda to wave

Using Nero 5.5.10 and want to convert cda files to wave files to use on a language teaching web page. Is this possible? If so, How?? Or is there a better option for sound files for web use?


CDA ‘files’ aren’t files - they’re a fiction invented by Windows to refer to CD audio tracks.

You need software that can rip audio tracks from a CD. If it’s for the web, I’d be very surprised if you want WAV files as they’re huge - MP3, WMA or another compressed format would seem more suitable.

There’s loads of packages that can do this for you - Windows Media Player 9 is one (free) possibility - though there are reasons why some would look down on it.

Of course, you can only rip the files and put them on the web if you have any necessary permissions from the copyright holder of the source material.


Thanks David … copyright no problem … I’m webmaster for a Native American Indian Tribe and they want to do a language section for their site. What I need is the widest range of accessibility … hopefully without having to download a plugin … so that mainly Tribal members can access it. I’ll do some research on the mp3 and wma … compression would be nice as there are about 500 words we are putting up with prounciation sound bites.
Thanks again!