CDA to CDA burn, for an old newbie



Hi folks,

I am trying to make a backup of one of my protected CDs (CDA tracks) to another disc using CDA tracks.

I haven’t done this for a very long time (years) and see that things have changed.

I’ve done searches and read many of the threads, but being so far behind, I’m very confussed as what is even being talked about. And now have a very big headache.

Althought this question has asked many times before, I hope someone will try to give me a clear way of making the CDA backup or a link to somewhere that will. (In very easy terms.)

My burners are old, but have always worked well: NEC DVD-RW 2500A, Lite-On LTR 52327S (CD-RW only). I have Nero 4, Nero 6, and ISO buster, software.

I used to use Nero 4. Tell it to burn CDA to CDA or disk to disk, or copy to disk then burn back to CD in CDA format and things worked.

My current Nero is 6, tells me the cd is copyrighted.
I tried to do a burn, disc to disc as a backup. When finished, Nero 6 said the job had been done, but when I checked the copy, it is empty.

Also Nero wants to put me into a mp3 copy mode, which I don’t want. WAV is okay as long as I can turn it back to CDA, so it will play in something other than a computer.

What’s best to do to get this done?

Do I use media player to make a WAV copy, then try to move that back to CDA? Or can I use NERO to do a direct copy and just don’t know how; or will my ISO buster help? I don’t need to copy single tracks. The entire CD, in one closed session is okay.

Or should I take down my Nero 6 and go back to Nero 4?



Your goal is to create an Audio CD – playable in any CD player. You need a good ripping program (don’t know why Nero isn’t working). A freeware ripper that should work is EAC (Exact Audio Copy). It can rip individual tracks in .wav format or the whole disc in .wav with a .cue file. You can then burn burn an audio CD with individual files of your choice or if you ripped a .cue file, then the whole CD. Other freeware rippers are also available, CDex for one…Other programs that can be used for this type of work are Burnatonce and Burrrn.


You can use ImgBurn to clone it. ‘Read’ mode will rip it to an ISO, ‘Write’ mode will write that ISO back to a blank.