CDA Music Files

I have just received the snd track for a project I have been working on but it is written in CDA format, which won’t import in to Adobe Premiere.

What i want to do is, convert this file in to a wav, can anyone tell me the best software to do this and how?

Thanks in anticipation

Jomo the man

Exact Audio Copy (EAC)
Audiograbber (better graphical interface)

You can even use Nero:
CD-Recorder -> Save Track -> Select Source

Make sure you select the right properties for this:
Output way: Digital
Output File Format: PCM Wav file (*.wav)
=> Settings:
Frequency: 44100
Bits: 16
Channels: Stereo

Sure, the above steps work, but do you know what the fastest, easiest, best way is???

It is the new cdfs.vxd file. When you explore the CD using My Computer, all of the tracks will be shown as .wav files. You can copy them to your hard drive in many options such as 11,000Hz-44,000Hz, 8bit-16-bit, Mono, Stereo, and so on!

Visit this site to get it.