CDA - MP3 - MP4 conversion

Hello All! I’m just getting started on digitizing all the music & video collected over the past 20+ years and I’m sure glad I found this forum! I have a question about how to convert a huge CD collection to the best format for preservation and CD burning. I’ve been working with Nero8 and have the option for either MP3pro or MP4 file creation. I need MP3’s for the various players, but do you lose anything by going CDA>MP4>MP3? or should I convert CDA straight to MP3? Nero does a great job of CD burning from the Nero MP4 format. Thanks for any advice!
btw; due to popular demand from family & friends, I’m setting up a small AV/Audio lab in my garage to convert video of all kinds and LP’s, etc. to digital so I’ll be hanging around this forum for quite awhile - thanks for being out there! SunnyDaySam :cool:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Every conversion from a lossy format to another lossy format cause a quality degradation. The best option is to convert directly to mp3. You can use the foobar2000 or EAC (both free) to convert your CDs into mp3, no need to use nero :slight_smile:

Hi Sam, If you want to archive your CD collection for “preservation” and for later burning/converting to any other format,etc. then I would recommend ripping to FLAC (Lossless)…If your rip goes smoothly, use the flac file(s) and burn an Audio CD…You’ll have an identical CD (bit for bit) as your original…
Some prefer saving to uncompressed wav, but frankly it’s a waste [I]for me[/I]…To each his own!..

If at all possible, It’s always best to do any conversion, using an original source…So CDA->Mp3 is good…CDA->MP4 is good, CDA>Mp4>mp3 is no good, since your going from original source to lossy mp4, and then to even more lossy mp3…
Follow me?..
I use EAC or dBpowerAmp to rip my CDs to Flac(lossles) and do my conversions to lossy mp3 or mp4/AAC with foobar2k…
there are other methods and apps available ,which you’ll get tips on from, our other more knowledgeable members…
Good Luck!..:wink:

Wow! THANKS geno888 & Tonee1! This is exactly what I needed to know - hopefully I can learn enough to pay back and help somebody else on this board. Sam

ps; if anyone can recommend a site for general info on the subject to study, please let me know.