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I’m using Nero 7 Ultra Edition and would like to know if this is possible. When I burn personal music wav files they come out as CDA files with just the tack number listed. For example Track 1.cda, Track 2.cda, etc. During the set up and before I burn them, I do insert the names for each track, but again they do not appear when I play them it just shows the track numbers. What can I do?

Do you have any CDs that show something other than track number?

I believe, and I may be wrong, that .wav files don’t store ID3 tags, and if they did it would be removed when converted to .cda files and burned to the CD. All I might suggest is to turn on CD Text and see if it will write something to the CD along with the files. Your burner has to be capable of doing CD Text.

I am certainly not an expert on this, but you might check the site below.

CD Text is mentioned here:

As Saltgrass points out you need CD-TEXT turned on, but unfortunately not many PC CD players will read this so it’s hard to check.

There is an app you can get that’ll check what’s written to CD. Look here .

Personally I’d prefer to use Burrrn ( to create Audio CDs. It’s free & a very simple app to use.

Thanks everybody! So, basically when I burn songs on a CD my band recorded, I really can’t burn the CD with the names of the songs that easily.

Different formats can hold different types of information. Check the Wikipedia site for info. If you use .mp3 files, I believe they will retain the info from the ID3 tag, but check it out.

Maybe after you burn your music to a CD, you could enter the info in the CDDB data base so when you inserted the CD, it would show up! :wink:

I have not checked into doing some type of Mixed CD.

Maybe someone else will show up that knows how to do what you want. I have never really tried to do this, but I will keep researching.