.cda files in LOTR soundtrack

Hey there,

I really don’t know much about burning CDs, but here’s my problem…

The CDs of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks all have bonus multi-media content. I wanted to make a selection of songs from the 3 CDs into one, but when I’m going to choose the songs I want I can’t because there are no .cda files like in regular music CDs. I can just view the .exe and flash files that it has. I have Nero 6 right now, but I remember I had done that with HP Disk Writer that I used to have.

Is there any way that I can access those .cda files to burn some using Nero? I don’t know what to do.

I can’t remember what it was like with HP Writer but I know that it was possible, even if it had multi-media extra stuff (which means I can never play these CDs on Windows Media Player just to listen to the music)

Help :sad:

Forget these .cda files, you don’t need them to copy the audio tracks.
Beside that, they don’t exist per se, but are virtually “generated” by windows.
If a filesystem is being found, it gets displayed instead of the .cda’s (which contain just the 44 bytes long RIFF headers, BTW).

It should be no problem to compile the prefered titles with Nero.
Alternatively you can try Exact Audio Copy [EAC], which you can find