.cda converter! Ah! I can't find one!



Yowza slammer428!

Misha gave good advise on grabbing audio CD´s to your harddisc.
But you want to burn an audiofile on a CD that play´s in regular CD players, right?
Misha is right you don´t need a .CDA converter…actually there is no such thing as a .CDA converter.
CD writing programs can make audio-CD´s from regular .WAV files. Prepare your music on your harddisc as a .WAV file. Start an audio-CD session in your CD writing program. Import the WAV files and burn it. That´s all.

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I’ve been looking all over the place for a .cda converter so I can burn my cd’s and be able to play them on audio cd players and digital cd players, so I need to find a .cda converter.
I’ve found links to some, but they always bring me to some software site where I gotta pay money just to use a program that burns-de/en-codes-and stuff like that. All I want is just to make them into .cda files. Help! Please!


I believe, there is some misunderstanding about *cda.
Audiofiles are stored as rawdata on cd.
With explorer you see them with *.cda extension.
When you extract them to HD, they are called *.wav files.
The difference between mentioned formats is only a header.
So you need a DAE=Digital Audio Extraction, an audiograbber. Sometimes your CDrom lacks performance and you have to do that job with your burner.
There are many, like Windac, Audiograbber and so on.
Some burnprog’s are able too be used as audio-extracter.
When you intend to make a copy of an audiocd, most burnprog’s detect the art of
the sourcecd, and you can do this “on the fly”.


Now, is it true that in order to play the burned audio cd on a non computer cd player, you had to have used a cdr as opposed to a cdrw when you burned the audio disk from your computer.


Hey! Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.