Cd2 fails to install


this happened to me with many games/apps lately like Call of Duty, Encarta 2004 etc.

when i try to install cd2 it just dosen’t continue like it’s the wrong cd
i checked with CloneyXXl, cd1 got safedisk 2.9 and cd2 non protection :S

i know i can make a .bin and mount them with deamon tools but i want to be able to install them form the cd’s

any help will be preciated
and srry for bad english :bow:

Does this happen to your originals, or only when using the backups?

Could you please include a bit more information on your PC, such as Windows version, graphics card (including driver version and number), CPU and memory and installed writing software (especially resident programs such as CloneCD Tray etc).

The more information you provide, the better we will be able to help you.

no it’s only with my backup cd’s

i know some other ppl got same prob too

but i don’t think that graphic card, cpu or memory has something to do with it.
it dosen’t work on my notebook either.

but here it goes
i have winxp pro,
265 mem
gforce 4 mx 64mb

i use nero 6 to burn cd’s
got a goldstar cdrw 8x4x32

i think this is kind of protection but there must be away to beat it right?

help plzz

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Considering the protection that is on these discs (read the many topics elsewhere in this forum), you won’t be able to produce a proper backup with Nero.

This is most likely the reason for failing backups.

No matter the protection you shouldnt have any problems with installing from your backup CDs. The problem with a not properly made backup lies with the failure of loading the game not installing it.

Therefore your problem is probably due to a bad burn/bad media issue or a bad image extraction. Try remaking the image from your originals and use quality media to burn it to. Also keep in mind that although installing shouldt be a problem, making a backup with Nero will almost certainly result in a back up that wont load.